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Play with me by HeliacWolf
Play with me
And yet another painting done in a super cinematic 1:2.35 ratio :D This time I got some critique and portfolio advice from industry professionals JonasDeRo and Darek Zabrocki (daRozand I tried to implement their advice into the painting. I feel like I still need to work quite a bit on my lighting and overall execution. C&C welcome and appreciated!

Photoshop, graphic tablet, about a day.
Personal piece
Like Two Strangers by HeliacWolf
Like Two Strangers
And yet another painting is done! This one I had a bit of struggle with. The landscape came together nicely, but I couldn't figure what characters to put there for a while. I had a bunch of soldiers there and a sci-fi military vehicle there at first, but that felt a bit too boring so I changed them for random glowing panthers 

C&C welcome.
Sphere by HeliacWolf
A piece that I did for an online class. I was mainly focused on creating a good composition (that was our homework), so there isn't much happening here story wise. 

Crits and comments are welcome nonetheless. 
Ambush by HeliacWolf
Aaaand after days of's finally done! I suppose I could have detailed it even more, but this is as far as I am going to take this painting. Had loads of fun working on it. 

C&C welcome as always. 

Personal piece. 
Photoshop, graphic tablet + couple of days.


Sun Jan 19, 2014, 4:31 AM
Hey, everyone!)

[UPDATE] I now have ArtStation Profile too!

Just a reminder that you can also follow me on
Tumblr: (sketchblog)

~Heliac 33 by WhiteChocolateTiger 


Please sent me a NOTE me if you want a commission. Thank you.

:iconapertureiconplz::iconcubeiconplz: :bulletblack::bulletblack::bulletblack: The :iconcakeiconplz: is a lie. :bulletblack::bulletblack::bulletblack: :iconbrokenhearticonplz:

Jan 4, 2008 :3

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Artist | Student | Digital Art
:spotlight-left:Welcome to my DeviantART page. :spotlight-right:
Feel free to fav or comment. Your support is much appreciated (:

My Characters:…

Current Residence: Scotand, Glasgow
Favourite genre of music: Rock, Alternative, Indie, Trip-Hop, Jazz, Blues.
Operating System: Windows 7
MP4 player of choice: iPod touch

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A-L-I-R-I-E-L Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Хей, Куми, привет)))
(давно не общались, ничего, что я по-прежнему называю тебя так?)
Поздравляю с новогодними праздниками! Надеюсь, дела у тебя идут хорошо))
Хотела спросить, помнишь свой конкурс про Время, в котором я участвовала как-то? Помнится, обещался рисунок победителю, мне можно его уже не ждать?) Если нет на такое времени или ты просто передумала - скажи, пожалуйста, хорошо?
В любом случае, желаю замечательного года!)) Пусть всё у тебя будет в шоколаде ^^
HeliacWolf Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2015  Student Digital Artist

Да не, я не против. Спасибо, тебя тоже с праздниками. У меня пока всё потихоньку, ты как?

Помню, было дело. Я свой ту-душник потеряла, правда, давно и долги с ним ушли. Напомни, что там было- нарисую, без проблем))
A-L-I-R-I-E-L Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
У меня тоже порядок, с нового года всё с чистого листа начала, ибо конец года был не самым радужным.. Пытаюсь взяться за ум и наладить жизнь))

Мой ту-душник уже тоже сто лет не обновлялся х) Хлам какой-то, а не список.. :\
Уииии, ладненько, напомним ^___^ Я тогда просила нарисовать Хронос, дракона Времени. Описание кидала даже, парочку артов.. Сейчас в ноуты напишу, а то там много букавок)
HeliacWolf Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2015  Student Digital Artist

Мой не то что не обновлялся...его как ыб уже нет. Был файлик на жд, жд стух. 

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skelefetus Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Your work is astonishing! truly ;3
I wonder if you may be the artist in calling of whom I seek? 8)
HeliacWolf Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Hahaha I don't know! :D 
Thanks very much, though! I'm glad that you like my art (: 
TheSingleStep Featured By Owner Oct 1, 2014
Hello! I have recently browsed through your art and I find them amazing! As a beginner artist I am currently learning how to draw and you mentioned that an artist should be able to draw anything. I was wondering what can give me the best start (pencil and paper of course!) and what should I focus on (What would you work on first if you were a beginner?). Your response will be greatly appreciated oh and If you're wondering I prefer to learn by myself as my last teacher was... rather aggressive to put it nicely.
HeliacWolf Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Hi! Thank you very much! I'm happy that you liked my art. 

I'd say the best thing to start with is fundamentals- perspective, anatomy, color&light, composition... Yes it can be very boring, but it's definitely important to have a solid drawing base. Apart from that I'd recommend to  work on your visual library. Reading books, visiting places and museums, watching documentaries and things like that will help you to improve it. 

Hope that helps! 

Good luck with art! Just remember to practice as much as possible. Draw every day... even a little. 

P.S. It's sad to hear that some art teachers are really impatient and aggressive. I had a few teachers like that and they can be rather discouraging. Learning on your own, though, will be harder, as you won't have anyone to correct your mistakes. Harder, but not impossible))
TheSingleStep Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2014
Thanks for the reply! I try to find the time to practice but stuff like school, babysitting and chores take up like 9/10 of my day so trying to practice can be very claustrophobic. Yeah my art teacher really made me very uncomfortable and it was hard to be around him every art lesson also his expectations of the finished product didn't help either as I seemed to lack imagination and basic drawing and painting skills. I'll be sure to work on what you recommended.
HeliacWolf Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2014  Student Digital Artist
I know what it feels like! I've got university, day-job and some other things that take up a lot of time! 
Good luck!
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